Inspection Guidelines

More examples are listed as below. Items are not acceptable when the following conditions are not met. Do not return items if the wig has been altered in any way. Do not return items to exchange it with the same item in same color. A return fraud is a major issue for e-commerce. To minimize our risk providing the maximum benefit to the customers, we do not honor it as an exchange when it is for the same style and color.

All returns are very thoroughly inspected.

No styling, No brushing, No playing with parts of fluffing. When item is not re-sellable condition, the item will be sent back to you at your expense. No odors such as cigarette smoke, sweat, glossers, perfume, or any hair products.
Examples of “Not to do.”

  1. Do not attend a party (prom, anniversary, weddings, graduation, Birthday party, weekend out on the town etc.) while wearing it. Wigs have more hygiene concerns.
  2. Do not comb or brush
  3. Do not cook or bake while wearing it
  4. Do not cut
  5. Do not dye or color
  6. Do not fluff the crown to see the volume you can get
  7. Do not loosen up the curls to see your look by changing the style
  8. Do not spray hair products, Do not apply get-type hair products
  9. Do not style
  10. Do not wash or apply water
  11. Do not wear for a video clip for You Tube review. Your review should be for wearing the wig. Do not return after wearing it.
  12. Do not wear it to work or the shopping places

No signs of wearing. (If you suspect the item is defective before it arrived at your door, please contact us same day. Do not delay.)
Examples of “signs of wearing.”

  1. Damaged front lace by cutting or pulling the lace with rough handling
  2. Damaged monofilament features with rough handling
  3. Disrupted the original pattern of parts
  4. Disrupted curls or wave patters
  5. Frayed edge of Lace Front
  6. Items that have been customized to fit you in any way
  7. Make-up or skin cuticles on the interior of the cap.
  8. Odor, such as cigarette smoke, sweat, glossers, perfume, or any hair products, scented to wigs.
  9. Stretched out cap
  10. Stretched out, broken, or distorted fibers due to brushing or body heat
  11. Tangles at the nape area for the medium to long length wigs

The same original packaging with all materials must be returned. The materials, but not limited to, are:

  1. Hanging Item tags
  2. item tag attached inside
  3. Tissue paper
  4. Hairnet (if included)
  5. Inside carton frames (if included)
  6. Clean item box. (No taping, No writing, No cutting,). A charge may be billed for the damaged item box.
  7. Comb (If included)

These are some examples that the vendor does not take the item as a manufacture defect. Manufacture Defect takes extra process to get the approval from the vendors after their inspection process.

  1. Chemical odor is stronger. Even with the same products, the chemical odor can vary. The wig production is
  2. Color swatch in the website is different with the actual hair color. The resolution of a computer monitor varies. If the color is not what you expected, we recommend to use the exchange options. Also, if you send us a sample hair, a customer service representative will assist you matching the closest color.
  3. Density changed. Because the wig production is differ with other products, each product line can have a slightly different density.
  4. Item box is damages. Even though the item box is damaged, if the wig is not affected, than it is not a manufacture defect.
  5. Item is not like a picture in the website. Please remember that all photo shoots of the product are performed by a professional photographer and provided by the manufacture.
  6. Received a wrong color. Please check your order confirmation email. Unless you notify the wrong color within 10 minutes after the confirmation emailed, the order will be automatically considered as confirmed and completed.