Belle Tress

Joe | Lace Front Synthetic Wig by Belle Tress


    A popular chain in New York, for instance, is called Joe the Art of Coffee. As it turns out, the use of joe as slang for coffee dates to the World War I era. A cup of coffee became disparagingly known as 'a cup of Joseph Daniels,' and as legend has it, this was soon shortened to a 'cup of Joe (Quartz, 2013). "Joe" by BelleTress is a medium length blunt cut bob. Wider -Center Mono part and full lace front give the freedom of creating off-the-face styling with a natural-looking hairline and realistic scalp. We've all seen this beautiful cut in magazines and adored the style. With Joe from BelleTress, you don't have to make the permanent commitment to cut your hair to achieve this sought-after design. Self-expression and confidence drive versatility in place of conformity.

    1. COLOR SHOWN : Honey w/ Chai Latte
    2. ITEM # : BT-JOE337
    3. HAIR FIBER : Heat Friendly Synthetic
    4. CAP CONSTRUCTION : Center Part Lace Front
    5. CAP SIZE : Average
    6. LENGTH : Bang n/a, Sides 10", Nape 1.5", Back 9", Overall 1.5"-10"
    7. WEIGHT : 4.5 oz
    8. COLLECTION : Cafe Collection

    *Actual hair color may be slightly different.
    Color shows up slightly different based on hair fiber type or style. Each color swatch or image shown can vary from screen to screen since all monitors' color configuration are different. These swatches are designed to give you a good idea of the color but may vary from hair to hair.