Raquel Welch

Gilded 18" | Lace Front & Monofilament Top Human Hair Topper by Raquel Welch

  • Offering the same construction as Gilded 12″, this human hair top piece is the perfect answer for women with longer length hair. An ample base conceals fine or thinning hair at the crown with extra volume and coverage to give you the long, full hair you've always wanted.

    1. COLOR SHOWN : SS14/25 SS Honey Ginger
    2. ITEM # : RW-GIL18325
    3. HAIR FIBER : 100% Human Hair
    4. CAP CONSTRUCTION : Sheer Indulgence™ | Lace Front Monofilament Top
    5. LENGTH : Front 18", Crown 18", Sides 18", Back 18"
    6. BASE : 6.5" x 6.75"
    7. WEIGHT : 5.25 oz
    8. SPECIAL FEATURES : Five strategically placed 1 1/4" pressure-sensitive clips for a secure attachment | Monofilament top for low density, natural movement and styling versatility | Polyurethane rim all around to accommodate tape for added security
    9. COLLECTION : Transformations Top Pieces

    Sheer Indulgence™ The comfort and versatility is hard to believe, but so easy to achieve with Sheer Indulgence™. With a wide variety of looks to satisfy any woman’s fashion needs, all styles in this collection offer some form of monofilament construction. The hair is hand knotted, one by one on a Sheer monofilament base so that you can brush it in the direction of your choice for easy parting and styling versatility. The Sheer monofilament design gives the look of natural growth and a incredibly comfortable and lightweight feel. The exquisite craftsmanship gives you ultra natural color quality, texture and flexibilty for varied styling options. So start indulging; you deserve it. There is always at least 2 ways to style and wear each sheer indulgence wig.

    *Actual hair color may be slightly different.
    Color shows up slightly different based on hair fiber type or style. Each color swatch or image shown can vary from screen to screen since all monitors' color configuration are different. These swatches are designed to give you a good idea of the color but may vary from hair to hair.